Ok, so one tip I have 4 choosing your keywords is To be precise with regards to location. I was recently browsing a website and noticed that the keywords for this page were ‘northeast plumbing’. They only indicated their location using the location keywords ‘northeast’. This is a massive failure in terms of keyword research. 

The problem with this is that no one on earth who lives in the area that they serve is going to be looking for ‘plumber in Northeast’. Consumers don’t use those kinds of location keywords

We just don’t think like that. 

If I lived in that general area might look for plumbers in Hull or Scunthorpe, but I promise you I would not go looking for plumbers in the ‘northeast’.

Choosing the Right Location Keywords

Be more precise with your location and think in terms of the customer. if I live in Burton then I’m going to look for services in Burton. I’m not going to look for services in the Midlands. If I am in Oxford, I’ll be looking for services in Oxford, not ‘Plumbers in the Southeast’. 

What matters is that you are precise with the location or locations that you are trying to rank for. They could have avoided all of this with proper keyword research.

Granted, this can often require the use of different tools and most people don’t want to learn how to use these tools. But keep in mind that if you’re doing your own SEO, then you’ll need a few tools to do it properly

if you can do something you might as well, do it right, so do the right way and get those keywords correct. It’s not going to help your business to rank for terms that no one is searching. 

Search Engines are Smarter than You Think

Now, you might be thinking; ‘But Alex, I’m going to miss out. What about people in Burton and Swadlincote and Belper if I only rank for Derby!’. 

That’s fine,  just get a different page to rank for that place. Better yet, realise that Google is smart and knows when places are close to each other. If you’re based in Derby and someone searches Belper, but you’re the best of the batch (SEO-wise), then you’re still likely to show up in their search results. 

Your business will be seen as relevant to the search because you’re close by. That’s even if the page doesn’t quite match the location keywords used.

Don’t go putting hours of effort into a keyword that is not going to bring you any business!