We like to share quick tutorials that can help with everyday marketing tasks that, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, can seem to take an age. Today we’re going to show you how easy it is to post to Instagram from a Desktop computer.

Okay, first you want to log into Instagram at Instagram.com – you’ll have to remember your own password, that’s one thing we really can’t do for you!

Profile page of an Instagram account - Study_Secrets_GCSE

Next, you want to go to the 3 dots which are at the top right hand corner of the page, just below the X so be careful there. (assuming you’re using the chrome browser – and if not, why not?) 

profile page of an instagram account opened in google chrome. while clicking the three dots button and hovering over 'more tools'

Click down and move the cursor down to ‘more tools’, another box appears to the left of here, at which point you should click onto ‘developer tools’.

profile page of an instagram account (left column). Developer tools opened (right column).

Don’t Panic! A few new windows pop up with A LOT of information. We don’t need to worry about that, we’re just going to click on the little picture of the Tablet / Mobile. The rest can be ignored.

clicking the device switching button in developer tools on google chrome

The last thing to do is to refresh the page. You probably know how to do this but… You can either press the F5 key or click the refresh button up here (No user left behind!).

refreshing the page in google chrome

So now the site is treating your device as if it were a Mobile or Tablet. You’ll notice the bottom row that is normally there on only mobile devices has appeared.  If you click into the Plus button (just like on mobile), you can now search through your files for the image / video you want to upload.

a window opened to select filed for uploading to instagram from desktop

There you go, what do you think?  Pretty easy right?