This is for those of you that are still working during this lockdown. While a lot of commercial work may have halted and sites are shut, domestic work will be needed now more than ever. Getting found online is going to be your biggest issue throughout all this.

So today we’re going to look at three simple ways you can combat this. We’ll explore how you can ensure your business is found online during this challenging time.

3 Keys to Getting found online


One way that you can get found online is through people searching for your service. But a lot of people don’t know how to get found through search.

This is where a branch of marketing called SEO comes in. 

SEO is simply working to ensure your website is found through search engines and ranks as high as possible. Preferably in the first one to three listings.


Next is communication. What we mean by this is communicating with existing and past clients/customers and anyone who you’ve worked with or for in the past. They may very well appreciate you letting them know whether or not you’re still working, if you’re answering emergency calls, all that jazz.

There’s nothing wrong with sending out a mass text message and/or email to let people know whether or not you’re still open for business, and what the situation is. Let your customers know what’s going on, as they may otherwise assume you’re unavailable!

Get Noticed

Lastly, we recommend that you try to get seen online. What we’re talking about here is putting out content on social media, blogs, YouTube, whichever method you prefer to communicate, that is helpful and/or entertaining.

Try creating images, texts, whatever you use to talk to the community to help people. In fact, we did a whole article on a specific method of doing this that has major potential to get you and your business seen if you do it right. You can have a look at that here. 

The idea behind it is that if the content you put out is original, and it helps people or is entertaining then people will like it. They’ll engage and even share it – that’s how things go viral by the way, through people liking commenting and (most importantly, sharing) sharing.

It’s very powerful if done correctly. Especially since, we’re online pretty much 24/7 during this lockdown in the UK, as many people have been furloughed, or are having to work from home. Suddenly, a large portion of the population have their entire day free. And guess what? A lot of them are spending it on Facebook. 


So those are three unique ways that you can get found online during this lockdown. While they aren’t unique to the current situation, they are things that you can take advantage of at the moment. 

Improving your websites SEO, communicating with existing customers, and finally doing something different online through social media. 

You can attack all three of these or you can go really deep into one. Whatever strategy you choose, don’t let this opportunity go wasted. Who knows, after this is over you may never have this much time on your hands again!