Before we get started I want to clarify that this tutorial walks you through how to setup a How to set up Basic Google Search Ads – Google search campaign using ‘ads express’. This is essentially the easy mode for Google ads. 

Google ads and Google ads express are different mainly in that express is set up to be easier to manage. It’s made for the average Joe who doesn’t want to get into the nitty gritty of Google ads, but wants to have campaigns set up to bring in business.

There’s less control in express and less features, but we consider it the best place to start for complete beginners (or simply, people wanting to run ads themselves but not wanting to spend several hours on them each week).

Now that’s cleared up, let’s get started.
First, go to

Google Ads set up page 1. Choose your advertising goal.

Select your main goal. This will differ depending on your business.

Basic Google search ads page 2. Describe your business.

Describe your business.

Basic Google search ads. setting up a radius for a local business

Set your location up. If you’re a local business, such as pet store or dentist, it makes sense to set your location targeting to radius. I recommend 5-10 miles for local businesses in England.

Define your product or service. To get the best reach, you might want to select multiple business categories, so that your ad is a little more targeted.

Basic google search ads. Defining your business. dentist.

This is the hard part, and the part that will make or break your campaign. You only have two lots of 30 characters to grab people’s attention, followed by an additional 90 characters to add a bit more information.

It may sound like plenty, but it’s easy to go over the limit. You need to be precise.

I recommend writing headlines that emphasise the benefit of your product / service, and perhaps using the secondary headline to add a ‘without’ clause.

writing basic google search ad copy

Here are a few examples;

“Eliminate Foot Pain Today | No Pills Or Contraptions”

“Psychology Focused Marketing | Without Long Contracts”

“Effective Back Pain Treatment | No Aggressive Upselling”

We could do a whole series on copy-writing, but this post is to get you started ASAP, so we’ll keep things simple. 

For the description, you want to expand on what your headlines said. And maybe end with a Call to Action (call today, book now, sign up, etc).

After you’ve written your ad, click next and you’ll be taken to the budgeting stage. 

Setting up your google ads budget

This is where you can set your daily adspend. Google will show you what your competitors (businesses in the same or similar categories) are spending monthly, as a baseline. 

Setting a higher budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll appear more in search results. More does it mean you’ll get more clicks. But it does mean that your ad will have more potential to be served to people throughout the day. 

Google’s algorithm works in a way that means, in basic terms, that the best ads are shown first, until their budget runs out. Although, It’s way more complex than that.

Basic google search ad campaign overview

After setting your budget, click next again and you can review your campaign. Check everything is in order, and after that you’ll be moved onto providing your billing information.

Fill out the form with you credit card information etc, and you can start your search campaign right away!

Billing page of basic google ad campaign set up