Let me ask you something. Are you assuming that all businesses, if they haven’t said otherwise, are open for business during the COVID-19 Lockdown, or are you assuming they’re shut? 

Depending on who you ask the answer will differ. 

But the answer isn’t what we should be focusing on. What we should be drawing our attention to is why on earth a business would not have clearly communicated the answer in the first place. 

It’s amazing how many businesses aren’t adequately communicating to their customers whether or not they’re open during this Coronavirus lockdown. A staggering number of websites have no mention of the COVID-19 Lockdown, or measures they’re putting in place. 

Why Communication Throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown is Crucial

Communication during this time is absolutely vital. If you haven’t put a notice up on your website and aren’t communicating regularly online, then you’re sabotaging your business.

People need to know what the situation is. Are you open? Have you shut? Only answering emergency calls? What qualifies as an emergency? What precautions are you taking? 

Your customers need to know.

If you don’t let them know they’ll assume you’re closed and you could be losing out on business. Also, if you don’t let people know whether you’re open, you could end up with unwanted phone calls and unhappy customers. 

Keep in mind, the vast majority of people are likely to assume you’re shut. And every time this happens, it’s lost business. 

So, take the time to go through all of your online channels; website, social media, email, maybe even text messages, and send out the message. Keep your customers in the loop. 

Assume they haven’t heard from you or seen your other notices. Whether it is a website popup/article/Facebook post/tweet. Overcommunicate and you’ll avoid any confusion or frustrations during this challenging time.